The Sculptors Dominion International, Inc.


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Sculptors Dominion International, Incorporated, [SDI] is a Texas Non-profit 501c3 Corporation. SDI pursues "'Excellence in outdoor sculpture and fine art' - through education, exhibit and culture".  Some of our programs are The Sculptors Invitational, The Villa del Carmen Sculpture Garden, The Arcangeli Accademia della Scultura for adult workshops and childrens art education and The International Sculptor in Residence program.

Select photos from 2010 and 2011 The Sculptors Invitational. Sculptures are for sale.
Also select other YouTube videos on stone and sculpture classes for adults and kids

For over 10 years SDI has served over 200 professional sculptors, shown over 700 big outdoor sculptures, given over 6000 free school child tours, provided over 50 Valero Foundation childrens scholarships to art gifted kids ages 8 to 12 for its intensive and unmatched sculpture education program, offered numerous adult workshops in collaberation with the Northside Independent School District, and demonstrated sculpture processes at charitable events like Morgans Wonderland in San Antonio, over 9 years.

Our passion is big outdoor sculpture ... it is the most unique, rare, and underserved of the traditional classical arts of antiquity. For multiple reasons this sculpture is the most expensive and challenging to create as measured in terms of cost, time, skill, transportation, risks and more. Even so it is the most awesome and permanent art form to exhibit.

From the Sphinx to the Statue of Liberty big sculpture is the lasting mark of a society, its culture and its achievments. It has been exemplified by European countries that outdoor art is a great revenue generator, a marque of famous destinations, and as well a highly offered justification to travel. Whether at world level or local sculpture helps to mark the depth of not only a nations' culture but also the communities culture. In terms of right now to the viewer It marks the presence of a communities artistic appreciation. It symbolizes the richer aesthetic pursuit of cultural achievement. Compare 2000 years of art enrichment for the "old" countries versus 200 years of development in the U.S. Clearly outdoor sculpture in our very own communities is highly underserved. And so enjoy sculpture and art with us as we pursue, present and celebrate its exhibition, education and culture.