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Gilbert E. Barrera

Gilbert BarreraArtist/Sculptor. 2002-04 President Emeritus for the Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS). He founded the Sculptors Invitational in 2003 and Sculptors Dominion International, Inc.{501c3} in 2007. He is a member of several arts organizations and he does private and public commissioned sculptures and paintings. He sculpts stone, wood and metals, including clay and cement. He has taught sculpture and in 2009 I established sculpture only sculpture school with the aid of several sculptors teaching in their own areas. In 2010 he hopes to add membership to his creative organization. He has  taught oil painting and enjoys figurative, portraiture and colorful abstracts.

Gilbert attended a military catholic grade school, Mount Sacred Heart, operated by the sisters of the Sacred Heart. In grade school he was awarded the Art Award having scored the highest grades in art in the class over 9 years, K through grade 8; in high school, Antonian - a college prepatory Catholic boys school, for football games - he painted hallway banners and banner breakthroughs for the games and has the distinction as a football player of running through his own art work at the game openinngs. he took a few art courses in college. His B.A. is in English and he holds a J.D. from Texas Weslyan. He owns over 300 books on sculpture and over 200 on color, drawing and painting. He enjoys a good sculpture book hunt and finds in the small book shops of towns cities across Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, so far.

He has served on the Executive Board of the Cultural Alliance of San Antonio - an arts groups organization; on the San Antonio Parks Board and He is a Fiesta San Antonio Commissioner. SDI has successfully been accepted as an official fiesta event in San Antonio.

Sculptors Dominion International and the Show Setting

Sculptors Dominion International

The Villa del Carmen Conservatory

Outdoor Gallery and Sculpture Garden

It is a beautifully landscaped residential 6 acre estate. It has a 90 year old 2 story natural limestone home at center with two additional homes on the grounds. One is the art studio. There are thousands of native trees and some very grand and ancient live oak oak trees. This new sculpture haven is the home of Honorable Roy R Barrera Sr., (former Texas Secretary of State (1968) and still practicing attorney at 82 years) and my mother Carmen Z Barrera. Roy and Carmen along with Yolanda, Carmen Alice, Roy Jr. and Bobby and Javier and Diane (and their respective families) Rudi and many friend and neighbor volunteers helped launch and organize this beautiful one of a kind sculpture show. Many thanks to them.

A second distinction for this show is space and a natural landscaping. At the Sculptors Dominion each sculpture gets ample space to be viewed in true 3 dimensional fashion, you can walk around it and see grass and trees in every background view. Top world cities and true sculpture advocates fight hard for this kind of presentation. Spaciousness offers an outdoor sculpture integrity and dignity. A spacious presentation style offers a better first impression and viewing experience for a serious or casual patron. The ultimate collector will find comfort and familiar images in this residential style of organic landscaped presentation. Most will be able to envision the sculpture in their own home garden or at their office park courtyard. Indeed a residential presentation is an ideal background for large three dimensional works. Envision and entertain the possibilities of the culturally prestigious ownership of sculpture. Like jewelry is to the person, so sculpture is to the garden.