History Page


 Brief Timeline of the Concept.

1992 - visited Loveland, Colorado; 2002 - President of TSOS and conceived a show for San Antonio; 2003 - Sculptors Dominion Invitational has first show, and sculptors reception; I obtained 1st show website, email address and a new computer; also established free kids tours program for school children; 2004 - established policy of large outdoor sculpture only; established international invitations program and began with Mexico sculptors; showed 1st colossal horse head by J. Houser; also established demonstrations on opening day with live bronze pour and stone sculptor demonstrations; then started off site exhibits programs with Parade of Homes; 2005 - acquired Outdoor Art Gallery zoning permit; international program grows to 5 countries; 2006 - started national art magazine ads;
applied for 501c3, 6 countries exhibit; 2007 - received 501c3, Rudi Rodriguez accepts
Board Chair, 9 international participants; 2008 - Official Fiesta Event; established Sculpture By Moonlight 1st fundraiser and blacktie gala; began sponsorships programs; participated in San Antonio Luminarias as official event; for 2009 - plans to establish, “Chisel and Pen” writings by sculptors; 2009 sculpture school, “The
Sculptors Sculpture School” for the sculpture arts only for both youth and adults and for professionals.

Conservatory Concepts Beginning

GALLERY. The Sculptors Dominion Outdoor Sculpture Gallery began as goodwill service to out of state and out of country sculptors who participated in the first two Sculptors Dominion Invitationals. Travel and/or shipping before and after a 30 day show is just very expensive. All artists encounter travel costs but sculptors of large scale encounter an added cost and burden of trailer hauling and even worse the large scale sculptors effort is compounded in that the transport of expensive and heavy works on the open road produces a personal stress level all its own. Then to do this twice, before and after, the 4 week show was just "two" much expense, scheduling and burden back to back in such a short time.

Thus the outdoor gallery idea was borne to comfort the sculptors expenses. The 6 acre estate on Vance Jackson would alas become a place to continue exhibiting and promoting large scale sculpture as a service. Simultaneosly a Sculpture Garden was fostered. The option was quickly constructed to leave the larger sculptures up to a full year or until new installations in February/ March began for the new show in April. (Please note: no work can be picked up during the show month of April.) Thus the opporunity to bring in a new work and exchange it out for the prior work, once a year, would help keep costs, scheduling and traveling to a minimum. It followed that colossal works were invited for up to two years.

This idea was a natural and even local sculptors began asking for the priviledge to exhibit their works during the year. Done. The Sculptors Dominion established the Sculptors Dominion Outdoor Gallery and Garden in 2004.

Now all Invitational participating sculptors have the option to leave their works in outdoor gallery. The Sculptors Dominion will continue to promote works for sale and the public can visit year around by appointment or casually view by driving by/or stopping and walking up and down the 'Vance Jackson Sculpture Walk, ... Free viewing from the sidewalk'. The sidewalk frontage is about 700 feet.

For information: gilbertebarrera@gmail.com or 210-696-9813.

A Good Idea Gains Acceptance.

Today some 40 sculptors from each of the last shows leave their work in gallery, saving money, scheduling and travel. The bonus was a couple of unexpected developments. The Sculptors Dominion Outdoor Gallery was invited to show a selection of its salon collection of sculptures as a group in other high customer traffic / gallerys and also non-art shows, such as the Parade of Homes shows for million dollar homes. The aesthetic concept of large scale group strength has begun.

GARDEN & CONSERVATORY. For the community is the benefit of enjoying the rare large scale work on a daily basis. Hundreds of compliments by email and in person have been recieved by true patrons of this 3D art form. In 2007 a school specializing in sculpture only has begun. Educational tours are given to school age visitors. Sculptors Dominion is preserving the largest quantity and variety of annually installed outdoor public and large scale sculpture for ownership or mere enjoyment in the south central United States. In addition our conservatory has gained expertise in the exhibit, management, cleaning and restoring, shipping and transportation of larger sculptures. A Conservatorium or Conservatoire has resulted.

Sculptors Dominion is following up on invitations and investigating other show opportunities and so in addition to the Invitational show in April Sculptors Dominion will show your sculpture year around. Sculptors Dominion actively seeks opportunities of high customer exposure to large scale outdoor sculptures. Got an idea? Contact the show/gallery.